Find me a duvet

I envy the homeless today. That’s something I would normally never even think about. They don’t have parking woes. They just wrap themselves in a duvet, watch people and get free coffee.

I happen to work for a council that can’t organise where employees can park so we have a choice of a unadopted bog land 1 mile from the front door or 2 hours outside the entrance with the happy chance of a £40 ticket landing on your windscreen by the parking nazi brigade!

Night is fun – dark and dangerous. A troop of council minions walking to their cars armed with lovely steal-able laptops.

Today I am fucked off.

So this morning I parked in the pay park and hiked to the office – costing £1.50. I came very close to hurling my lap top into the medway and being free from the bullshit.

Everyone is moaning. Managers are leaving. I’m on my third in 6 months. I am starting a social work degree in February for the first two years I can work anywhere. After that I need to be accepted as a student by a council. Today and not for the first time I am wondering about my choices.

If I think about the things I enjoy – writing, swimming, animals. I’m sure I can jumble together a career out of those. Quickly before I turning into a moaning zombie.

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