Bingo Pings, Cheesecake police, Black bags and Unattended Diggers!

Well who knew bingo had gone so techy! Tablet style cards you just sit and watch, they even wake you with a ping when you have one number to go! Yay, just what i need when my brains on other things, namely annoying men, like buses, nothing for ages, then they all show up at once, but thats another story!

At one point, my friends mum pinged, then i pinged, then her mum pinged again…. it sounded much like a tennis rally, with a chorus of “thats mine”, “thats mine” and “thats mine” ringing out! I did actually manage a win on my only ping of the evening, sadly not the fifteen thousand prize for the national game tho!

Now just think if you had a standing joke between you and a pal about diggers and patio slabs (dont ask)…. you exchange pictures on facebook messenger whenever you find diggers especially unattended ones (always good for a selfie especially on friday when at different times of the day we found the same digger unattended) and then one evening another friend says they want to drive via a charity shop and drop off a couple of black bags which to quote them ‘resemble dead bodies’! Yeah….. 😨😨😨

Ever been told off by an aldi employee! That same evening we popped in on the way home. I happened to be talking about cheesecakes and how i dont always unfreeze them totally, basically i cant be bothered to wait that long to eat them, well blimey you would’ve thought i had been on about killing someone (🤔) the way this woman shot off at me that they HAD to be defrosted first…. well not wanting to be eaten alive, we smiled and hurridly left before she had time to call the cheesecake police!


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