MSN inventors

Imagine you are home alone, well actually with your friend of mayhem, and you happen across a ream of A4 paper and thick marker pen. I seem to recall that the teenage guys in the house opposite had been waving and randomly opening and shutting their blinds. So we thought we would show life signs,literally!

Writing on the A4 and blue tacking it to the window until we got a response.

It pretty much went like this;

“Hello over there” wait… more wait… Malibu

“Hi who are you”

“Two girls,you?”

“I meant what’s your names”

“We might tell you later” much giggling and continued Malibu consumption.

No reply.

Frantic scribbling from us.

“What’s your name”


I don’t think we ever made or got to any kind of point. We weren’t even old enough to ask them out for a drink!

Proper inane drivel. This went on for at least two weeks until we realised that the whole street became informers resulting in a ban from windows A4 and marker pens.

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