Shopping Rage

Shopping for clothes should be pleasurable right? Or at the very least not stress inducing. Seems to be a very fine, almost minuscule line between a clothes shop and a boot sale! Yesterday I had a few minutes spare while searching for a phone shop to replace my charger so I dropped into Hastings shopping centre.

I would like to know what the thinking is behind cramming the rails so full that you can’t see the sizes. Shop assistants PLEASE put the sizes in ascending or descending order, I don’t care which. What else do you have to do all day. You sell clothes. Spending time searching for my size through twenty garments only to find it’s not there is infuriating.

Or worse the rail above is too low so the clothes above cover the rail you are looking at. What’s the deal? Are you over stocked? Have a staff of morons? Is this a marketing ploy because I have to say I prefer when two of each size are present and I have a feeling they may soon sell out as then I know I won’t meet forty other people wearing the same thing.

If you do find something nice Extrapolating the clothes hanger to from the rail is a challenge in itself. Once you achieve this feat the reward is finding all other clothes are attached in a convoy. Tangled in the hanger, falling on the floor. I recently went into a shop where all the hangers were facing outwards.. everyone knows the hangers should be hook towards wardrobe or rail, I hope. It’s common sense and easier to slide off the rail.

Anyway I didn’t buy anything and left hyperventilating and grumpy.


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