Meanwhile in deepest darkest Milton Keynes

Well todays been a busy one, walked the dogs round the local lakes, quite a misty morning but provided me with lots of photo opportunities of eerie looking scenes!

After which it was time for fat club, normal gathering of the troops to rally round each other, our group is so much fun, we have a right giggle! Everyone keeps asking me why im not a consultant, well remember little britain, marjory dawes, thats why! Lol Anyway Taster day next week, cant wait as i always end up taking all the leftovers home, i swear they all think im a human dustbin! Also we have some fantastic cooks at our session! After much thought on what i will cook all week, i shall probably manage to grab a box of mikado sticks as normal!

Then i popped off to milton keynes, felt quite chuffed as managed to negotiate the roundabouts and find myself at central mk shopping centre without the use of a sat nav or any wrong turnings (not that you can go far wrong as you just get to the next roundabout and go back again). Anyone that doesnt know milton keynes traffic system, its basically roundabouts, literally all roundabouts!

Enjoyed a break in john lewis as they kindly sent me a voucher for a free hot drink and cake, thank you very much for that one, saved me about £6.00 roughly! Wow….

Toddled off then to a book signing, yes ive now added craig revel horwood to my list of celebs ive met, he was lovely, chatty and one of my favourites so far! We chatted about audio books, flat white coffee, concrete cows, roundabouts, he did roll his eyes when i asked him about goings on backstage at strictly! And we decided bruno needed a crash mat as hes been falling off his chair a lot! Got some fab pics too! #makingamemory

On the way home i was plagued with a muppet driver insisting he wanted to drive in my boot with what was either his full beam on or a set of those overbright headlights! #carwanker

Home now, snuggled up with my free coffee i grabbed from waitrose en route home (with the grapes i forgot to get the oldie earlier), watching bake off extra slice, followed by the last leg!



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