The week of farce

The last seven days have been particularly vexing!

Lovely sunny day, lunch break: I know let’s get puppy used to my two seater car and use new seatbelt strap. Put puppy in car, blanket under him, treat ready.  Driving up the road to the fine of whining and being scratched as puppy wanted to sit across his seat and the gear lever. On arrival at Pets at home car park puppy shits in my car. Over the blanket, seatbelt lead, car mat and itself. Joyous times,not! All items except the perpetrator thrown in car park bin, dog baby wiped within an inch of its life during my bouts of torrets.  £12 trip to car wash for valet imminent.

Puppy training on the lay down,paw and high five is a roaring success. New owner alert: dog looks hungry = increase food for dog resulting in my new life in dog shit city.  Answer: No treats today for him and one less meal.  Oh and copious mopping on the agenda today.

My hard fought for work lap top is as fragile as eggs.  I dropped it in it’s case onto the floor from a height of around 2 feet and the screen is irrevocably shattered. Such is my lack of faith in IT and red tape of the civil service that I’m not putting it in for repair until I get clear and written info telling me when I get it back.   The lap top itself still works so I’m hoping bits of it don’t start falling off.

As an additional PITA – pain in the arse I managed to leave lap top at a training course this week and had to ask the trainer to return it to me.  Doofus award.

My car windscreen has a crack horizontally across the windscreen wiper thanks to a stone flipped up by the lorry in front’s tyres. Lovely £75 excess. Whoop.  I will be mostly drinking wine this weekend… N

Meanwhile  in darkest Kettering ..

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