In the beginning…

The meanwhile stories began way back in the 80,s with two disturbed teenagers nicknamed Norbert and Cuthbert So we will write this blog together so that at least some will be biographical. Depending on our level of consciousness at the time of writing!

We revisit these times for our attempt to remember and for your amusement.

These are a collection of random happenings.

We have no idea where most of our ideas and events sprang from. Which is probably lucky as we would both be in asylums otherwise.

Supermarket races

What else would we be doing? Weekend arrived and it was perfectly normal for us to be in an abandoned car park in Hastings rounding up shopping trolleys and shoving each other down the ramps. A group of local boys joined us and the race track was formed. The ridiculous thing was that there was never an actual winner. There wasn’t an official start or end and we all just zoomed about for no particular reason. Trolleys were scattered in all directions when we left.

Of all the places we could be we seemed to favour the top floor of the piss fragrant car park. I share this with you to illustrate the depths of our teenage idiocity. Later on we additionally developed a craze for marker pens and graffiti tags which we added to on the sticky stairwells. We were experts at wasting time.

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